Choosing the ideal place of residence can help save a great deal of money. As an international student looking for housing, your first point of contact should always be your university. Most universities offer accommodation services for international students, which can include providing guaranteed housing or giving advice on where to find a room on your own.

In Armenia, students can find comfortable apartments for rent located both in the central part of the city and in the suburbs. In addition to apartments, some universities provide students with dormitories that are much more affordable.

Compared to other regions, renting an apartment in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is more expensive.

The central administrative district from AMD 150.000 (€ 285),

Arabkir administrative district from AMD 100.000 (€ 150),

Qanaqer-Zeytun administrative district from AMD 80.000 (€ 116).

Students in Armenia generally prefer to rent an apartment for 2-3 people, that’s why most students pay from AMD 30,000 (€ 60). On average, to cover living expenses in Armenia students will need around AMD 85,000 (€ 160) per month, or AMD 850.000 (€ 1600) per academic year (10 months).