Study in Armenia website has been developed within the framework of the Erasmus+ BOOST /Boosting Armenian Universities Strategy and Marketing/ national project which has been implemented during 2017-2020։ The wider objective of the Project is to foster and promote further internationalization of Armenian Higher Education through development of national and institutional policy framework and tools.

The specific objectives of the project were:

• Development of national policy framework and tools for facilitating internationalization practices in Armenian HE

• Creation of a National Platform and online tools for mapping and benchmarking internationalization processes in Higher Education.

• Building capacities of ICO staff of HEIs, MoES and social partners on strategic management, marketing and cultural challenges as well as implementation of credit mobility, ensuring holistic approach to internationalization management issues

• Creating or enhancing ICO resources and service-oriented centers at the Armenian HEIs, including development of strategic &marketing plans and tools

Within Erasmus+ BOOST project Strategy for Internationalization of Higher Education in the Republic of Armenia has been developed. The strategy envisages the implementation of a number of targeted strategic objectives that will contribute to the integration of Armenia into the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and assume a unique positioning for the purpose of increasing visibility through internationalization, improving education and research quality, promoting or commercializing innovation and interdisciplinary research.