Read about others experiences while studying in Armenia.

I knew absolutely nothing about Armenia before coming here. What I like the most about Armenia is how good people are, the history behind their landscapes and people's desire to enjoy, they are always ready to go out and celebrate. It is a country that has given me a lot. Perhaps there are things in my country that are different then here, but that does not make me dislike them, simply that they are new to me. In general, Armenia is not well known in Spain, or at least by the people around me. The first thing that is usually thought is that it is a poor country, with conflicts and to which they would not travel for pleasure. But through social networks I have received a lot of messages telling me that it is incredible and that someday they would like to visit it. My friends actually bought their airline tickets, but their flights were canceled due to the coronavirus. I don't usually think bad of a country before visiting it, I would like to travel all over the world and it would be difficult if I do. From the first day I was very excited to learn more about Armenia. What I always say is that in Armenia I feel at home, never before in another country have I been treated so well. People without me asking wanted to help me, even without knowing me, I have felt very sheltered and very loved. Maybe I have needed to meet some other Spanish, because we always miss our country and our people.